Lost To The Sea Sponsors Page

The following is a list of our partners and sponsors:

The Lost To The Sea Memorial initial construction and development is was funded through a partnership between:

Ongoing maintenance of the Memorial Site, as well as continuing research and development of the Lost To The Sea website are being funded through our sponsors.

Our Sponsors

  • Ship Level Sponsors
    • Yarmouth International Yacht Race Committee
  • Barquentine Level Sponsors
    • Roaring 20's Antique Car ClubSponsorship Level
  • Brigantine Level Sponsors
    • Laura Seamone
    • Sandra Guinan
    • Cora Doucette - in memory of Neil Robitaille
  • Schooner Level Sponsors
    • Ruth Kirk - in memory of James Moyes Kirk

Sponsorship Levels

  • Ship
    • A vessel larger than a boat for transporting people or goods by sea.
    • This level is reserved for a one time donation of $1000.00+.
  • Barque
    • A sailing ship of three or more masts having the foremasts rigged square and the aftermast rigged fore-and-aft.
    • Level $500.00 +.
  • Barquentine
    • A sailing ship of three or more masts rigged square on the foremast and fore-and-aft on the others
    • Level $250.00+.
  • Brig
    • A two-masted, square-rigged ship with an additional gaff sail on the mainmast.
    • This level is reserved for a gift of $100.00+.
  • Brigantine
    • A two-masted sailing ship, square-rigged on the foremast and having a fore-and-aft mainsail.
    • Reserved for a donation of $50.00+.
  • Schooner
    • Usually a fishing vessel having two or more masts with fore and aft sails, similar to the famous Bluenose.
    • For a one time gift of $25.00+.