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Search Tips

Here are some tips to make your searching more successful. In general, the less information you enter into the search boxes, the better.

  • Enter only the last name, not the first and last - for example, search "Hatfield" rather than "Andrew" and "Hatfield"
  • Entering only one name will return more results than entering both, as you would have to enter the name exactly as it is written / spelled in the database. Using the example above, if "Andrew Hatfield" was written in the database as "Andrew B. Hatfield", you would not find his name if you left out the middle initial. However, by just searching "Hatfield", you will find his name among the results for the Hatfield name.
  • Enter only the vessel name, if you know it - again, entering less information will return more results. For example, enter only "Mary Cann" as a vessel name rather than "Mary Cann" and the captain's name. Even if there is more than one vessel called "Mary Cann", searching only the vessel name will return all the entries.
  • Remember to scroll your screen down once you have entered your search terms - it may not look like you have received any results, but often the list begins toward the bottom of the screen.
  • Consider spelling variations, especially among French and English names and surnames that have changed over time. Someone known as "Donald White" may be in the database as "Donald LeBlanc", or vice versa. "Burrill" may be "Burrell". If you cannot find someone based on the way you spell their name, try other spelling variations.